Happy New Year! Where in the World was Wade in 2017?

January 6, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 went out with a bang for Wade and I as we visited the Grand Canyon and a few other iconic bucket-list destinations. Here’s a photo collection of some of the highlights of our adventure so far. I’d like to thank readers far and wide who have sent along their Wade spottings, too!


Taking in the cliff views at Big Sur, California.

Visiting the redwood forest at Big Sur, California


Exploring the desert at Joshua Tree National Park

Louise Bradford

Gob-smacked by the view at the Grand Canyon.


High altitude exploring at Banff National Park.


Hanging out with the iconic Canada Goose on the TransCanada Highway.


Bouncing around Smithers, B.C. with the Hudson Bay Mountains in the background.


Considering a swim in Galway, Ireland.

Stay tuned for more worldly adventures in 2018!




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