Wade’s Wiggly Antlers

Wade is worried. First his antlers wiggled. Then they wobbled. Now they’re loose! Wade needs his antlers. Without them, how will he play Ping-Pong, catch a softball or give his friends rides? Wade is about to learn that change is a big part of growing up.

Press and Reviews

“The Canadian-inspired illustrations show Wade and his forest friends playing outdoor hockey and wearing toques and checkered flannel shirts. VERDICT: Children dealing with change or experiencing loss will find comfort in Wade’s positive outlook. A perfect choice for one-on-one sharing.” — School Library Journal, June 1, 2017

This is a great book for kids who are growing up and are going through the first changes in life- the change of losing teeth! ” — Townsend Public Library (Massachusetts), May 16, 2017

Wade’s Wiggly Antlers is a delightful picture book that cleverly explores the topic that change is part of growing up … Highly recommended!” — CM Magazine, University of Manitoba, May 12, 2017

“This local author’s book will wiggle its way into children’s hearts” – Soo Today, April 30, 2017
“Meet the moose that became the muse” – Kitchissippi Times, April 27, 2017

“Bradford’s text is substantial, bringing a bit more complexity and depth than many picture books and capturing a child’s ambivalence about maturation; readers won’t have to stretch to see the parallels between Wade’s antlers and their impending loose teeth. Battuz plays with pattern, shape, and riotous color effectively. A valuable lesson, nicely and sympathetically delivered. — Kirkus Reviews,

Let Wade and his friends help lighten your own children’s anxieties, whether it be about loose teeth or some other growing up change, or, if they’re fearless, use Wade’s Wiggly Antlers to teach some science about seasonal changes and ecology.  Either way, there’s some playful learning to be had. — Canlit for Little Canadians

” An original allegory for a child losing a first tooth.” — Toronto Public Library’s New and Noteworthy.

“Losing one’s teeth is an important rite of passage in any young person’s life, but can you imagine losing a pair of antlers? Wade’s Wiggly Antlers is a humourous look at how bodies change, whether you’re a human or a member of the animal kingdom. Bradford’s careful prose will help teachers and parents teach empathy through the guise of a highly entertaining and energetic read.” – Hamilton Review of Books.

“Wade’s Wiggly Antlers is a charming picture book that offers reassurance to children facing the loss of teeth or other changes, while also teaching a bit about nature.” https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/sharon-librarian-6981477/early-book-review-wades-wiggly-antlers-by-5564226923







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  1. Eileen Rankin

    Anxiously awaiting the release of Wade’s story. And what a wonderful children’s illustrator to bring your story to life. Many congratulations.


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